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Code Switch: Anagrammatist

I thought I'd write some brief blog posts about software I've written in my spare time. This first one is about a piece of code I wrote back in college to help generate anagrams for changing unsecured marquee signs. Read more

Mountain Shadow over Middle Sister

Photo from just below the summit of North Sister volcano at sunrise. Mountain shadow and post-eclipse full moon setting on the horizon. Read more

Rio Grande Field Trip – Colorado & New Mexico

In early September I got to participate in my second UO geology “Staples” field trip, named for an alum who donated enough money to periodically take a big group to somewhere in the world where a faculty member has active research. The last trip was to Kyrgyzstan, back in 2014. This time we scaled back substantially, and stayed close to home. Th... Read more

Labor Day Hike

Early Fall backpacking trip around Waldo Lake. Read more

August, 2016

After the chaos of field camp and field work in June and July, August was relatively low-key. I finally had time to work on my own research, and in my spare time I got a lot done towards my goal of selling Klaus the Kar some time soon. I've been slowly working on sprucing him up for that, and I finally feel like I'm close to finishing the things... Read more