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Jonathan Perry-Houts

Importance and Capabilities of Modern Web Applications for Accessible Education: Demonstration of a Purpose-Built Application for Visualizing Geologic Data in 3D

The following text was written in collaboration with Philip Schoettle-Green at University of Washington Visualizing complex three-dimensional geologic structures is a challenging core concept in the Earth Science curriculum. Often interactive exploration, either in the form of hands-on activities using physical models or through digital vis... Read more

Syllabus: Open source tools in geoscience

I wrote this syllabus for a hypothetical undergraduate class on open source tools for geosciences. It's written as a 10-week 2-credit class, but feels very time-constrained. I might eventually extend it into a 4-credit class, or adapt it for a 15-week semester, depending on my needs in the future. If you use any of this in your own course desig... Read more

Syllabus: Environmental Monitoring

I wrote this syllabus for a hypothetical undergraduate class on digital data collection via autonomous remote sensors. I would like to eventually expand this into a real course, but for now it's untested. The topics mentioned here would be really valuable skills to take away from an undergraduate education, but very few colleges seem to offer an... Read more

Lesson Plan: Math for Geos

As part of my Graduate Teaching Initiative advanced certificate, I developed a lesson for the Earth Sciences 202 course to introduce some basic mathematical concepts in the intro series curriculum. As a GTI project, I formulated this lesson as a small experiment, to test different techniques for introducing math to geology majors at the intr... Read more