Graduate Teaching Initiative | Jonathan Perry-Houts
Jonathan Perry-Houts

Graduate Teaching Initiative

I recently completed a Graduate Teaching Initiative "advanced certificate" through the University of Oregon's Teaching Engagement Program. It includes several components which I've worked through over the course of a few years. The components are below, with brief details on how I fulfilled each one.

5 Teaching Engagement Program workshops
8 additional hours of other workshops from any university unit

Course on College Teaching
Take one credited graduate course on teaching in higher education

Teaching Experience
Four terms as a graduate employee with significant teaching responsibilities

Attend one TEP-hosted "Microteaching" session

Class Observations
Observe two classes
Have a peer or mentor observe your teaching

Teaching Portfolio
Build an online portfolio with a teaching statement and several additional items

Mentorship Experience
Work with a faculty mentor to discuss teaching

Teaching and Learning Project
A capstone project offering original contributions to research, service, or teaching