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    Rio Grande Field Trip – Colorado & New Mexico

    In early September I got to participate in my second UO geology “Staples” field trip, named for an alum who donated enough money to periodically take a big group to somewhere in the world where a faculty member has active research. The last trip was to Kyrgyzstan, back in 2014. This time we scaled back substantially, and stayed close to home. Th... Read more

    Labor Day Hike

    For labor day weekend I went backpacking around Waldo Lake. The loop trail is ~20 miles, with fantastic views and great camping. Besides the occasional group of mountain bikers, there were surprisingly few people out. No competition for camp sites! I won’t narrate the photos, but I think it’s possible to get the idea. ... Read more

    August, 2016

    After the chaos of field camp and field work in June and July, August was relatively low-key. I finally had time to work on my own research, and in my spare time I got a lot done towards my goal of selling Klaus the Kar some time soon. I’ve been slowly working on sprucing him up for that, and I finally feel like I’m close to finishing the things... Read more

    (first half of) Summer, 2016

    I’m finally back in Eugene for a significant amount of time; I’ve been out of town on and off since mid-June. Thought I’d post some pictures of what I’ve been up to. I spent the second half of June out near a tiny town called Christmas Valley, as a TA for the first section of field camp. We mapped overlapping lava flows from four cinder cones, ... Read more

    Making a tent footprint, on the cheap

    I recently found a North Face Tadpole 23 2-person tent for $3 at a gear swap, and have been working on repairing its several minor problems. Most of the problems were a series of quarter-sized holes in the floor, which were easily patched with Kenyon K-Tape. ... Read more