Curriculum Vitae | Jonathan Perry-Houts
Jonathan Perry-Houts

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Department of Earth Sciences
1272 University of Oregon
Eugene, OR 97403
(510) 260.4924


Teaching Experience

I have worked as a teaching assistant for a variety of courses. Several of which (noted below) allowed freedom to develop and test original course content, practice classroom presentation skills, and one-on-one mentorship in office hours.

I also worked closely with an undergraduate physics student over the course of about a year on modeling the geodynamic history of the Wallowa Mountains. Their background in physics, and aptitude with programming, made it an easy mentorship. In the process we both learned a lot about the Wallowa Mountains, an area which would become part of the focus of my dissertation. That student is now pursuing a Ph.D. in geophysics at University of Washington.

Teaching Assistantships

Graduate Teaching Initiative

As part of my graduate studies I have completed the University of Oregon’s Graduate Teaching Initiative: Advanced Certificate. The following items are some of the components of that program.

Science Literacy Program

I have worked with the University of Oregon’s Science Literacy Program throughout much of my graduate career. SLP facilitates a number of initiatives working towards broader adoption of evidence-based pedagogy.

Outreach, Volunteer, Community Service


I am interested in long-term tectonics and geodynamic modeling of lithospheric deformation. I mainly focus on physical mechanisms that generate topography by modifying the density of the lithosphere. That includes processes like delamination, foundering, eclogitization, volcanism, etc.


Presentations and Abstracts

Awards & Grants



Technical skills

I have developed numerous technical skills over the years including UNIX system administration (Debian, FreeBSD, Gentoo, Ubuntu); software design (see for examples); GIS; electronics and robotics; parametric CAD design; welding; auto, motorcycle, and bicycle mechanics; machining; and woodworking.

I am proficient in many programming languages and related technologies, including: Python, Java, C, C++, BASH, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, SQL, Ruby, AWS, MPI, CUDA, and AVR assembly language.

Notable professional software development

Other notable technical projects

“Open Source”

I make as much of my code public as I think might be useful to others. I am an active contributor to several Free/Open Source projects, including Aspect, and have contributed code to several large open source projects like deal.II, and Paraview. I strongly believe that as algorithms become more central to society, it is imperative that code be freely available to use, extend, modify, redistribute, and study. I believe that software freedom is an important component of environmental justice, with broad social implications.

Interests & Activities

I have a deep appreciation for the outdoors, and back country wilderness. I have been rock climbing and mountaineering in the western U.S. since 2002, plus some notable back country adventures in Canada, Patagonia, and Kyrgyzstan. I participated in regional and national bouldering competitions in the Bay Area during high school. I enjoy mountain biking and road bike touring. I have completed several long-distance bicycle tours on the west coast, both with friends, and solo. I recently got interested in back country skiing, and enjoy skiing the many volcanoes of the Oregon wilderness.

As an extension of those interests I have completed the 80 hour NOLS Wilderness First Responder certification (now expired), and basic avalanche safety training for mountaineering and back country survival. Fortunately, I’ve never had to use many of those skills, but they’ve been reassuring to have while in the field with students, and with friends in the back country.