(first half of) Summer, 2016 | Jonathan Perry-Houts
Jonathan Perry-Houts

(first half of) Summer, 2016

I'm finally back in Eugene for a significant amount of time; I've been out of town on and off since mid-June. Thought I'd post some pictures of what I've been up to.

I spent the second half of June out near a tiny town called Christmas Valley, as a TA for the first section of field camp. We mapped overlapping lava flows from four cinder cones, called “Four Craters” on the flank of Green Mountain.

We also checked out a big fault that's opened up to form a big mile long crack in the ground, called “Crack in the Ground”.

From there we went to Newberry volcano to look at a big obsidian flow, called “The Big Obsidian Flow”.

After that I split up with the field camp students while they went to Montana for part 2 of Field Camp. I went back to Eugene for almost a week, did a few projects on Klaus, the Kar, and then headed back out to eastern Oregon to install seismometers for a project that my adviser recently got funded, and which I'm loosely involved with. There were five of us out there, and by splitting into two groups we installed 26 seismometers in like 10 days.

Immediately following the seismometer install, Nick (one of the other workers on the seismo project) and I went backpacking in the Wallowas. We hiked from Lostine canyon trail head to Mirror Lake in the Lakes Basin area in the afternoon of the first day.

We spent one night, and the following day made a 12 mile loop to hike up Eagle Cap, down past Glacier Lake, over Glacier Pass, and back to camp. We got back to camp early enough that we decided to just do the next days hike and head home, making an 18 mile day, with an 8 hour drive back to Eugene.

I was back in Eugene for just over 24 hours before heading back out to the Wallowas to meet up with the field camp students for part 3. We spent ten days in Eastern Oregon mapping dikes which fed the biggest flows of the Columbia River Flood Basalt (CRB) eruptions.

From there we took a three day river rafting trip to map more CRB dikes along a wilderness section of the Grand Ronde River.

We ended the trip just across the Washington border, and spent another two days in Washington before we drove back to Eugene.

When we returned, I spent like three days in Eugene, bought a car, finished two projects on Klaus in preparation to sell him, and drove down to Arcata area in northern Humboldt county, to hang out with family for a few days in the redwoods.

Since then I've been finishing up more projects on Klaus, I went to the Whiteaker Block Party (a really awesome street fair thing in Eugene), drove up to Portland for Thia's babyshower, and finally started getting back to work on my own research, after almost two months of distractions.

Written on August 8th, 2016 by JPH