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Jonathan Perry-Houts

(first half of) Summer, 2016

I'm finally back in Eugene for a significant amount of time; I've been out of town on and off since mid-June. Thought I'd post some pictures of what I've been up to. I spent the second half of June out near a tiny town called Christmas Valley, as a TA for the first section of field camp. We mapped overlapping lava flows from four cinder cones, ... Read more

Making a tent footprint, on the cheap

I recently found a 2-person tent for $3 at a gear swap, and have been working on repairing its several minor problems. As part of that project, I made a Tyvek tent footprint. Read more

Mt Hood

Just a picture of Mt. Hood. Read more

Three Sisters Traverse

Photos from the Three Sisters traverse. Read more

ZFS Mirror to RAID-Z

Another geeky post here, because these are somehow easier to write than more personal posts. I recently decided to upgrade my network attached storage (NAS) server from two hard drives to four in order to take advantage of the RAID-Z filesystem. I had always meant to do this, but I was only able to afford two hard disks when I built the server, ... Read more